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Location Selma, AL
Date Posted 04/10/2018
Category Other
Job Type Full-time
Job Function The IIHS Family Specialist (FS) will be responsible for providing In-Home Preservation Services to approximately 4 to 6 families at a time. The IIHS/FS will be available for the families on a 24 hour/7 days a week basis.
Start Date 2018/05/01



• Maintains files as required by policy and regulations.
• Documents contacts, meetings, phone calls, progress and other events as required by policy.
• Completes program documentation to agency and contract standards (comprehensive treatment planning, goal/objective planning, progress notes, monthly/termination summaries, etc.).
• Submits schedule as required and updates as plans change.
• Submits reimbursable expenses with original receipts and accurate mileages.
• Represents the organization effectively and compassionately to consumers, referrers and others as needed.
• Explains what Family Preservation is in terms of building on the existing strengths of families in effort to avoid unnecessary placements or long delays to returning back home.
• Prepares and submits reports on child and family progress as required and on time.
• Attends and actively participates in unit sessions.
• Maintains confidentiality of program information obtained from home visits and exchanged while communicating with DHR, community and other support service providers.
• Provides on-call coverage as assigned.
• Communicates after hour contact information immediately as appropriate to assigned supervisor and as appropriate to the DHR on call staff.


• Develops and maintains positive, constructive and professional relationships with children and families.
• Maintains nonjudgmental, flexible and respecting values and beliefs of families served (avoids labeling inference and blaming).
• Invites families to identify the people close to them and help them include these resource people in helping to meet the needs identified to keep their family together.
• Assists and closely works with the referring worker to implement and facilitate family services planning meeting.
• Actively participates in the convening of Family Services Planning/Teams and the facilitation of Treatment Plan development.
• Completes in-home visits as dictated by the Family Services Plan.
• Identifies and addresses child and family safety risk with proactive safety plans.
• Advocates effectively for children and families in school, courts and other settings.
• Participates in 24 hour/7 days a week crisis response system as required by policy in support of children and families.


• Demonstrates written evidence of face to face contact within 24 hours of the assignment.
• Demonstrates an initial and ongoing assessment of strengths and needs of child and family as it pertains to referring concerns.
• Develops interventions that fully utilize modeling, direct instruction and motivational strategies to change or correct behavior.
• Develops treatment plans that include defined outcomes, how progress will be measured, what is needed by each person involved to achieve each outcome and how the needs will be met.
• Aids and assists parent in discovering what their child finds rewarding or punishing and uses the information in the intervention planning.
• Selects and defines target behaviors in measurable terms.
• Demonstrates content that is clear, concise and accountable to established goals.


• Values and respects the strengths of cultures different from one’s own
• Demonstrates a willingness to learn about difference and to allow for adjustment


• Develops and maintains positive, constructive and professional relationships with colleagues
• Ensures that referrers, supervisor and other appropriate persons get information on time and in the preferred format
• Prepares for and participates in collateral contact effectively: school meetings, court, staffing, etc.
• Attends IEP and other key meetings with child and family.


• Arrive promptly, as expected, to home visits, meetings, Courts, etc.
• Submit case documentation for filing according to program protocol.
• Reports whereabouts as required.
• Responds to phone calls, emails and other communications efficiently (as established by program supervisor)
• Attends and participates in required agency training


Education – A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in social work, human and child development, psychology, counseling or sociology from an accredited college or university by one of the six regional accrediting associations of the United States. A minimum of one-year experience working with children and families is desirable.

Knowledge and Skills – Excellent interpersonal communication organizational skills are essential. The Family Specialist must be able to lead through personal influence and relationship more than formal authority. Employee is expected to value and respect the strengths of cultures different from one’s own (staff development around diversity issues may be acquired through training). Employee must maintain vehicle liability insurance, a valid state issued driver’s license, and a good driving record.

Qualities – Sound judgment; ability to relate to individuals of diverse ages, education, socio-economic status and ethnicity; strong organization skills; high stress tolerance – ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines; ability to give and accept performance feedback responsibly; team orientation; flexibility; goal and problem-solving orientation; dedication to learning; a “do whatever it takes” commitment to each child’s and family’s success; tolerance for uncertainty; sense of humor.

Working Environment – working with a variety of persons with varied education, personalities and job functions. Work may be carried out in the community, assigned office or family’s home. Flexibility of work hours. Rural travel.

Physical/Visual Activities or Demands – The physical demands described on the Employer Requirements Form are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform essential functions of this job.

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Christian Services for Children in Alabama, Inc.
PO Box 2077
Selma Alabama 36702
334-875-0608 (office) 334-875-0678 (fax)